Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5% 4oz

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This product gives you the same clarifying and smoothing results as a chemical peel, only more gradually and with less side effects...

        • 7.5% Glycolic Acid - the right percentage between 'nothing' and 'too-harsh' (and one of the strongest percentages for an OTC PURE product). No unnecessary ingredients that get in the way of its potency, just pure Glycolic Acid doing what it should!
        • This powerful AHA actively dissolves dead skin cells and the 'glue' that holds them together - revealing fresher, clearer and younger looking skin.
        • Penetrates skin to stimulate cell turnover - fine lines are reduced, pores are minimized and your whole complexion is toned and brightened.
        • Consistent use reveals clearer, fresher, younger looking skin.
        • Ideal for aging, oily, dehydrated, uneven, blackhead prone and normal skin.

If you don't want to do heavier peels, the consistent application of Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5% is safer, easier and more effective!

Very simple to use - apply nightly after cleansing onto dry skin:

              • Saturate a gauze or cotton pad with Glycolic Daily Exfoliator 7.5% and gently buff onto skin, avoiding eye area.
              • Leave on for as long as tolerated, up to 1 minute. In the beginning, it may only be several seconds. That's fine! It will still work and your skin's tolerance will increase as you keep using it.
              • Slight tingling or stinging is normal (but not necessary).
              • Rinse with cool water to neutralize and follow with moisturizer.
              • Slight peeling or dryness can be expected in the beginning and will improve with continued use. It is a good idea to start using 2 - 3 times a week so your skin can build up>
              • If needed, reduce to every 2nd night or as often as tolerated.

SUNBURN ALERT: This product contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

Purified Water (Aqua), Glycolic Acid

Yes that's it! No other 'filler' ingredients that might make the label look more interesting, but actually get in the way of the potency of the product! Pure Glycolic Acid, does it's job. Simple as that.

Customer Reviews

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Glycolic Review

Love it! Currently using second bottle.

Good Product

For some reason it worked better on my skin the first time i purchased this product. But it reallyyyyy worked before so I'm just waiting until i see results agin


Good product, doesn’t feel watered down. I don’t feel it helped fade any pigmentation but it did help brighten

Gentle and effective!

This is a gentle and effective toner that leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft! I look forward to the benefits that will come from continued use.

Love it, will definitely order again

noticed a difference in my skin after only a couple of uses. It did not make my skin burn or turn red, though my skin was noticably smoother

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