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Let's take the clearing and detoxifying benefits of Bentonite Clay one giant step further. This is an exfoliating, blemish reducing, smoothing treatment all in one.

  • Skin purifying Bentonite Clay is combined with Zinc Oxide, Sulphur, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Chamomile. You will see and feel the results!

    See the ingredients tab for details on exactly how each one is going to help your skin.

Use this mask in 3 ways:
  • As a treatment mask 2 - 3 times weekly: to significantly reduce breakouts, oil production and clogged skin. This is the only 'extra' treatment you need in your skin care routine weekly.
  • Spot treatment: reduce a pimple/blemish overnight by applying directly to the spot and leaving on. Greatly reduces inflammation, pain and size.
  • Oil/Blackhead reducer: Apply a thin layer to blackhead congested/oily areas only and leave overnight. In the morning, skin is smooth, pores are refined and oil production stays under control all day.

Use after cleansing on dry skin. Apply mask - either all over or only on areas being treated. Leave for 20minutes. Mask will dry. Remove with warm water. For best results use 2-3 times weekly or as often as desired.

*Spot Treatment: Apply a small amount directly to blemish and leave overnight (or as long as possible).

*Overnight Oil/Blackhead Reducer: Apply a very thin layer to oily/congested areas at night. Remove in the morning with usual cleanser.

Purified Water (Aqua), Bentonite, Zinc Oxide, Colloidal Sulphur, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondrus Crispus (Seaweed) Extract, Anthemis Noblis (Chamomile) Extract, Camphor, Perfluorodecalin, Saccharide Isomerate, Phenoxythanel, Ethylhexyleglycerin.

BENTONITE CLAY: Detoxifies skin by drawing out impurities, absorbs excess oil, decreases inflammation and speeds healing

ZINC OXIDE: Powerful anti-inflammatory, helps tighten pores and reduce oil

COLLOIDAL SULPHUR: Absorbs oil, unclogs pores and heals blemishes

SALICYLIC ACID: Dissolves excess oil and dead skin cells, unclogs pores and rebalances skin pH

GLYCOLIC ACID: Dissolves the 'glue' between cells providing an even exfoliation, reduces oil, removes blackheads, evens skin tone and smoothes fine lines

HYALURONIC ACID: An important molecule that hydrates and protects skin

SEAWEED EXTRACT: Powerful anti-oxidant rich skin conditioner

CHAMOMILE: Soothes, heals and calms skin, reduces redness and irritation

CAMPHOR: A natural extract with anti-oxidant and antiseptic properties, refreshes skin and has a revitalizing 'minty' smell!

Customer Reviews

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A little goes a long way

I use this as a mask a few times a week along with the glycolic exfoliator. There has definitely been an improvement in my complexion. I will be a returning customer.

This product is wonderful!

Finally, a skin care line I've been looking for. This is an all-around quality company. From the customer service to the authenticity in products. I literally have seen a dramatic transformation in my skin. I struggle with acne and oiliness, and this spot treatment-plus-mask has changed everything. Also, the AHA / Glycolic Acid toner (leave on one minute, then rinse. Repeat nightly) has changed the pore size on my face, cleared my pores, refined my skin, evened the tone, reduced acne (dramatically!) and just beautified me all around. I trust Bona Fide Skin Care 100% right now! So far, everything is so good! Eager to pair this with the retinol. Other than their products, I use a gentle cleanser (try EO's coconut milk cleanser - it's wonderful - or Beautycounter's nourishing creme cleanser - it is gentle and gets the job done). Then I use the FOREO electric face wash -- like a toothbrush, but for your skin. Very gentle, and its silicon doesn't disrupt, but deep cleans...gently!). I double cleanse - once to remove makeup (coconut oil gets the eye makeup off, but must be applied DRY, then rubbed in (gently - delicate skin, here), then wiped clean (seriously like magic) with a tissue. There's the eyes - clean! For the skin, after the first wash, you can either use the same gentle cleanser for a second wash (enter an electric brush like the FOREO - really preps the skin for Bona Fide's treatments), or just rub in gentle circles with the fingertips, which have natural ridges that some say exfoliate. If you have clogged skin like me, with oiliness, try the brush!. At night I'll add the Beautycounter charcoal bar where I need it as my second cleanse... like on more breakout days or just to keep things clear. There you go. I've told you all my secrets. Don't forget an eye cream and sunscreen! > The answer is YES! Buy this!



I thought this jar was for me.

I bought a jar of this cleansing clay. I put it on the bathroom counter. I began using it. I was happy with the results. My 14 and 20 year old daughters began using it too. Last Saturday, my 20 year old moved back into the dorm. She took my jar! Apparently, I need to buy more.

It didn't help my skin

It didn't help my skin much still have black and white heads

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