Should I use salicylic or glycolic acid for my skin?

Both are fantastic for skin and have similar benefits (softening, reducing blackheads, controlling oil, smoothing fine lines etc). However there are certain differences that can help you decide:

Salicylic Acid - is oil soluble so it can get deep within pores. It also has anti bacterial properties. This makes it the best choice for acne skins as it can really deal with causes.

Glycolic Acid - is an all round super star and is great for any skin (apart from sensitive or overly dry). It deals very well with oiliness, breakouts and blackheads, as well as fine lines, pigmentation and dull skin.


When will I see results?

Depending on which product you use, you may see instant results such as softer, cleaner, brighter skin. It is important to remember that skin care takes time to work. Your skin 'turns over' approximately every 28days, so sometimes it can take this long to start seeing changes. 

It also depends on your skin condition to begin with, as everyone's is different it is hard to give a definite answer. Some people see results very fast - within 2weeks - while others it may take 30days or longer. Remember consistency and patience matter in skin care (we have the quality products covered for you!)

Results are cumulative (that's where the consistency comes in), so keep using your products and your skin will get better and better!


Are your products tested on animals?

Never! Our products are cruelty free and this is extremely important to us. All ingredients are never tested on animals at any stage of the process.


Do you have a sunscreen/day cream/other product...?

We do plan on releasing more products steadily. The quality and results are extremely important to us, so we are taking our time to ensure all products we offer you are the very best they can be! 

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Do you ship internationally? (Outside the USA)

Not yet. We currently only ship to addresses within the U.S. 

We do plan on offering international shipping, possibly by the end of 2017. Please see this page where you can enter your email and we will let you know!


I have another question not answered here, can you help me?

Please feel free to send any questions about our products using this contact form. We are always here to help! Also be sure to check out the 80+ articles on skin care here >




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